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About me

Alex Kuhl

Security Expert, Developer Extraordinaire, Educator

My name is Alex Kuhl and welcome! I have been described as a renaissance man, a sugary donut full of skepticism, and a cinnamon twist of cynicism, amongst others.

I typically am found solving the latest mathematical challenges while wrestling wild bears in the Appalachian Mountains. When actually at home, I am located in the Northern Kentucky region near Cincinnati, OH, plundering the high seas of industry as a security expert and penetration tester at CBTS and jack-of-all-trades web developer for my side business Paper Traitors. In the past I have climbed the Ivory Tower and inspired young minds as a lecturer at Northern Kentucky University.

Academically, I have studied computer science and mathematics with research in security, graphics, and HCI. I like discussing just about any deep topic, like physics, philosophy, or world religions. My hobbies include hiking, disc golf, tennis, chess, guitar, typography, and myriad others.

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I am a security professional with a focus on architecture, applications (secure code, SSDLC), and cloud. To that end, I currently have active GWAPT and GWEB certifications. Teaching is my true passion, and I frequently teach as an adjunct professor at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). I also enjoy programming, whether to automate parts of my job or just to do something of interest. I tend to use Ruby and Python the most, though I consider myself a polyglot that is more interested in using languages as a tool than becoming an expert in one. I like Linux, but use Windows on a day-to-day basis, and prefer vim over to emacs. That probably covers the typical nerd fight questions. Please see my LinkedIn for more information about my work history and skills.

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